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Uroflowmetry is a test that measures the volume of urine excreted (released) from the body, the speed with which it was excreted, and how long the excretion took.

How the test is performed:

You will urinate in a special urinal or toilet equipped with a machine that has a measuring device. You are asked to press a button shortly before you try to begin urination, and you may be asked to press the button  again when you finish. This machine will create a report for your health care provider.

How to prepare for the test:

Your provider may ask you to temporarily discontinue medications that can alter test results. Uroflowmetry is best preformed with a full bladder. Do not urinate for 2 hours prior to the test. Increase the volume of fluids you drink so you will have plenty of urine for the test. Do not place any toilet tissue in the test machine.

How the test will feel:

Why the test is performed:

Normal Values:

Age: 4 to 7

Age: 8 to 13

Age: 14 to 45

Age: 46 to 65

Age: 66 to 80

What abnormal results mean:

What are the risks: